Waterfalls in Ontario by Mark Harris and George Fischer (160)

Waterfalls are special places. Few features of the natural landscape can command our view like a falling stream of frothing, bubbling water.

Long prized by tourists, artists, and nature buff, the sight of a waterfall is irresistible to even those with little or no interest in their natural environment. Waterfalls are perfect places for hiking and exploring, for photography, for nature, study, and to go get away from it all.

The province of Ontario is blessed with a wide range of falls, with the vast majority situated on public lands. But not all of them are like Niagara!  Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest little trickles to raging torrents of awesome power, and a wide variety of falls have been selected here to suit all tastes.

Some of the smaller falls are arguably little more than bumps on a tiny creek somewhere in the woods. However, finding these can be just as rewarding as visiting the bigger ones and in many cases you may be lucky to have the waterfall all to yourself.

The only way to fully appreciate the magic of these waterfalls is by visiting. Waterfalls engage all the senses. And there is so much to see in addition to the falls themselves. Most of the sites are located a little off the beaten track, reason enough for a road trip to a corner of the province that you’ve never visited or fully explored. By making stops along the way to see other nearby cultural and physical features of the landscape, your day will be more enjoyable.

Waterfalls have healing properties. I know when I am in the midst of a waterfall, even if it is a small waterfall, I feel revived and rejuvenated. It is truly when nature comes into my senses loud and clear and I have to stop, listen and feel its presence.

I am absolutely a nature lover. But there is something about water that has special restorative qualities for me. After reading this book, I will be doing many day trips through the spring, summer and fall looking for these treasures of nature.


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