You are the Earth by David Suzuki (145)

This is another wonderful book by David Suzuki!  It is a book that will help kids know their world so that they can help make it better.

Nature has a remarkable ability to heal itself, given half a chance. For instance, fish returned to the River Thames in England after anti-pollution laws were passed, and plants started growing again around Sudbury, Ontario after metal-making factories installed scrubbers, which cut down on the toxic gases going into the air.

Many people are working today to bring about even bigger miracles. But we humans must be creative and generous and strong enough to make that happen. Some people say that protecting the environment costs too much. They say there are more important things than grizzly bears and prairies and rivers. But what can be more important than this precious home we share?

The Earth has sailed through the universe for billions of years, slowly creating the perfect conditions for life in all its fabulous variety. We don’t know how that works. We can’t control the tides or the seasons. We can’t create a tropical forest and fill it with hundreds of thousands of species all working together to keep it healthy. Only nature can do these things. All we can do is trying to let nature keep on dong them.

Our survival depends on remembering who we are. We are the Earth–part of the air, water, soil, and energy of the world, surrounded by our kin, the plants and animals that keep the world livable for us, beings with love in our hearts and life in our souls. It is up to us to protect those things so that they will be around for many generations to come.

I loved this book from start to finish.


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