She Dared: True Stories of Heroines, Scoundrels, and Renegades by Ed Butts (59)

History has often overlooked women.  Browse through any encyclopedia and it is obvious that the biographical sketches are overwhelmingly the stories of men.  It is as though women, with a few outstanding exceptions, have had relatively little to contribute in the various fields of human endeavour–and this is not only absurd but false.   So, I was very excited when Melanie Kindrachuk chose the topic of women’s voices for this month’s book review challenge.

One of the main reasons for this unfortunate situation according to Butts is that for centuries women were overlooked in history. It was not that women did not have the potential to be great artists, politicians, philosophers, or even soldiers.  It was that they were not given the opportunities.

For centuries, it was generally accepted that women were not capable of doing a man’s work. Women were believed to be physically, mentally and emotionally inferior to men. The father was the head of the household. Wives owed obedience to their husbands. Sons were heirs ahead of daughters.

Should we judge our ancestors?  Or should we just look at it as a sign of those earlier days?  Butts discusses these issues in this book, and much more.

So, if you are interested in the topic of women’s voices and rights, I recommend this short but wonderful read. It is a Middle Grade book. But it can certainly be read by all of us.

Rating: 5 stars


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