Haunted Ontario by Terry Boyle (105)

This is a book about ghostly inns, hotels and other eerie places you can visit.

I had no idea that some places have ghosts right here in Ontario. Weird and eerie!

It was also interesting to learn that people live and work with ghosts every day. Some ghosts are benevolent, calm and friendly while others are troublemakers, making life difficult for the living. Some are simply mischievous and turn on lights, move curtains and rattle doorknobs.

All of them haunt Ontario and Terry Boyle has sought them out. Not only does he tell us where they are and what they do, he has uncovered their background. Who are those lost souls? What is their history? And most importantly, why are they still with us?

Read about former skeptics and their eerie experiences. The child that was mysteriously moved to a locked room. The television set that wouldn’t turn off and wasn’t plugged in!  What?!!!!

This book takes you on a ghost hung of inns, hotels, old houses, and on country roads. There may even be a ghost right around where you live.

This is book like no other that I read.  I took it out around Halloween, and yes, I was indeed scared!!!  But the book also expanded my reading of different books which is one of the goals that I set for myself this year.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

About irenesroth

I am a freelance and academic writer. I am currently writing a book called `Fearless Freelance Writers`. Please look out for it soon on this blog.
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