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Growing up Canadian: Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists (83)

This is a book about religion and global migration, with a specific focus on Canada. In today’s world, the consequences and context of people relocating from one place with which they are familiar and in which they are embedded to … Continue reading

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The Hunter and the Wild Girl – by Pauline Holdstock (82)

This is a haunting story about two outcasts who force an unlikely alliance. I usually don’t read stories like this. But I have made it a point this year to expand my horizons and read books that are outside of … Continue reading

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Acts of Kindness by Adam Mayers (81)

I just love this book! It is all about how to do random acts of kindness. We always think that kindness is has to be BIG in order for it to count for anything. Of course, we live in a … Continue reading

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