The Hero’s Walk by Anita Rau Badami (127)

This is a wonderful book that is part of our every-green program at the Stratford Library. It is a great book that every person should read. It is 2016 selection of Canada Reads.

The Hero’s Walk is a wonderful story about courage and empowerment. It is a book that will keep the reader transfixed in the storyline until she finishes reading the book.

The story has a brilliant mix of characters, and the reality that is portrayed in the story is poignant. There is also a rare depth of emotional integrity and commitment in the book.  It is a book that I love because I love reading deep stories that keep me asking questions and digging deeper.

The plot revolves around Sripathi Rao – a simple man with simple needs in the town of Totapuram which is nestled in the South of India. In the Big House, we meet his wife Nirmala who is the ever docile Indian Wife his horrendous mother Ammaya who in most respects can be labelled a witch – his unmarried sister Putti who longs for the boy next door, and his son Arun a rebellion in the true sense of the word.

Amidst all this lies from the past of his daughter Maya getting married to a foreigner and residing in Vancouver – who has never seen her family for seven years now. Her father has abolished her very name being taken in the house – till she and her husband
Alan meet with an accident and Sripathi has to go to Canada to claim his granddaughter Nandana.

The author’s depiction of India are breathtaking. I just absolutely loved the book, and it is easily one of the best novels I read in years.

Rating: 5 stars




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